Riot (Bonustrack)

by The p.inch

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Stand strong like a warrior
Composed demeanour, like no-one in the world's gonna bother ya
Everybody knows who's in control of the show
No sign of weakness, cut from the same cloth as leaders
Top of the game just like Caesar
Calling for respect like Aretha
Let 'em see the don't-mess-with-me-serenity
The chemistry to turn enemies into believers
Eager for the play to unwind
The soldier on the frontline
Can't wait for the taste of fray, then it's crunchtime
Watch him sway when the RSG-8 spray hits his face
Cut to the chase, put the fucker back in place
Nobody's safe but mind ya
It has its benefits having your eyes behind that bulletproof visor

You better get, you better get, you better get out of my way, love

No sympathy for marauders, we love our law and order
Applaud its warders, like beast-wars transformers from the future
Love those combat-boots, yeah, they suit ya
I salute ya, the padded vest is looking super
At his best with the tonfa, beat the monster
Till it snaps like a rabbit's neck
The beauty, the beauty of retribution
Following the poetic movement of the water-jet
To the point where the radiant white is mixing with scarlet
Pouring from the torn eyelids of the target
Got a soft spot for velvet
Like the kind you find in the array of titanium helmets
Oh they had it coming, had it coming, kick their fucking teeth in
Let the dogs of the leash, see 'em getting torn to pieces


released March 23, 2018
Jonathan Fisher: vocals, lyrics & composition
Lorenz Schönle: alto saxophone
Manuel Springer: guitar
Rebecca Pauline Smirnov: rhodes & synthesizer
Maximilian Preiß: bass
Gerrit Stiehler: drums

Produced by Jonathan Fisher & The p.inch
Co-produced by Markus Daßau & Gerrit Stiehler
Recorded & mixed by Markus Daßau
Mastered by Tobi Schneider @ Docmaklang

© 2018 All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, sharing and broadcasting is prohibited.


all rights reserved



The p.inch Osnabrück, Germany

The p.inch messes with Hiphop & Jazz.

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