How To Catch A Red Herring

by The p.inch

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released October 27, 2017

Jonathan Fisher: vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, lyrics & composition
Jasmine Klewinghaus: vocals
Lorenz Schönle: alto saxophone
Manuel Springer: guitar
Rebecca Pauline Smirnov: rhodes & synthesizer
Maximilian Preiß: bass
Gerrit Stiehler: drums

Produced by Jonathan Fisher & The p.inch
Co-produced by Markus Daßau & Gerrit Stiehler
Recorded & mixed by Markus Daßau
Mastered by Tobi Schneider @ Docmaklang
Artwork by P. Karoline Gerhard
Layout by Esdea

© 2017 Tundra Tonerzeugnisse. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, sharing and broadcasting is prohibited.


all rights reserved



The p.inch Osnabrück, Germany

The p.inch messes with Hiphop & Jazz.

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Track Name: The Mess
They say we’re making way but it’s just an illusion
You think the train is moving but you’re wrong
In fact it’s the one on the opposite track and we are standing still
Which to me feels more like moving back
What a nuisance, it takes less faith to believe in god than in evolution
We’re in a dark place heading for a darker future
At loose ends no solutions in view and no troubleshooters
Just more troublemakers contaminating all of our minds with their hatred
How can you not feel the pain of fathers being laid off
Loosing all purpose in life left in chaos
How can you not feel the hurt of men and women looking for food in the dirt
And how can you say they got what they deserved
As if they messed it up the day they picked their place of birth
How can you put money over life
Cutting back on healthcare on welfare cause money’s needed elsewhere Right, we need more fucking warships and special forces
To fight the lawless and devilish pirates and terrorists
Really just a bunch of desperate fisherman with leverage
The only thing we left ‘em with
Cause everything surrounding them is derelict
We force their country to open its borders
So all the fucking fish ends up in our commercial trawlers
Economic reasoning is seemingly flawless
We take their land their life, they take our orders

We’ve come so far but still we see
The same old dreary view as if nothing changed at all
And all we do is just stirring in the mess
Our fathers left for us and we’ll leave it to whoever will come next

At what point did we loose our compassion
I didn’t pay attention must have missed it by a fraction
And since when do we let fear cloud our better judgement
When did we get accustomed to putting all our trust in nothing but assumptions
All of a sudden second thoughts are old-fashioned and facts are redundant
Discussions denounced as distraction
Reluctance a weakness, action is what’s needed
It’s the age of assassins and reapers
Pacifists, human rights activists are needless
Take away their dignity cause that’ll leave ‘em speechless
It’s no secret, it’s just the mechanics
Don’t get in the way of big money or you’ve had it
Why don’t you ask Chelsea Manning
Devotion to the truth can get you damaged
Ask Assange and Snowden, a lot of whistles to be found, just don’t you dare to blow them
Causing a commotion
At the end of which you’ll find a fist up your colon
Or your body at the bottom of the ocean
Track Name: Shit Pit
I’ve heard it all before, trouble’s knocking on my door
But I’m up on the first floor and I’m gonna stay right here for sure
Cause nothing in the world’s gonna make me open up
I know what to expect and I just have had enough
I need to get some rest from being fucked in the butt

So please mister Jehovah’s witness
Just go and mind your own business
I’m already knee-deep in the shit pit
And I don’t see any way for you to fix this

This life is hard enough, we are sailing in the rough
Slaving away everyday in the dust being told to be glad we have a job
So nothing in the world’s gonna make me open up
I know what to expect and I just have had enough
I need to get some rest from being fucked in the butt

So please mister door-to-door-salesman
Just go and be on your way, friend
I am far too close to loosing my patience
And I don’t need any more agitation
Track Name: Puppets
Look at you, you’re a puppet
You’re being worked by a big white man in a suit with his hands down your pockets
And you’d better not budge
Cause he just might crush your nuggets
If so much as the thought to touch his profits
Crosses your delusional mind you muppet
Do your job, help the rich get richer
Be smart and see the bigger picture
You are a domesticated slave with a definition of freedom
That barely exceeds the right to decorate your cage
Is that all you want from life
Then why don’t you douse yourself in gasoline and set yourself ablaze Cause every instant in your nine to five existence is essentially a waste
And moves you closer to the circle of the mentally deranged

I’m an acorn small and round
Lying on the cold cold ground
Everyone walks over me
That’s why I am cracked you see

You’ve already had a few but still you’re in the mood to down another pint Booze trickling down your throat is the soundtrack of your life
You’ve lost every connection to yourself
To your soul, to the world as a whole
So you suffer from dejection
And who’s to be blamed
The player or the game
When your broken inside is the outside’s reflection
And if you reckon the hole in your midsection will fill up by ingestion
Then you’re lost in self- deception
Track Name: Sneaky Fox
We’ve all been lectured by experts whose net-worth amounts to zero Cause they’ve been bought for a fair amount of euros
Independent scientists don’t exist they’re a myth like superheroes
I’ve had enough, I need a fucking break
I’ve heard so much shit in the last weeks to last for at least a decade
Now you listen, I’m seeing through your shit as if I had x-ray vision
Cause I’ve been reading essays not watching television
Let’s say I’ve eluded being conditioned by a system
Keeping us imprisoned by controlling our opinion
The media is the establishment there’s no difference
Now before you call me a conspiracy theorist hear this short history lesson
In sixty-seven prickly questions in connection
With Kennedy’s destiny were quickly spreading
The CIA’s integrity at risk and threatened
A recipe to silence defiant interjections
Found its expression in a nifty weapon
A label to denounce all doubts as indiscretion
And by now it’s a heresy to question the supremacy of entities
Readily defending the governments monopoly on verity
Heavily descending on dissident citizens so zealously
Well how about this, fuck you, fuck your psychological warfare
I’m not intimidated I’m just pissed
And I stand four-square against your scare-tactics and your discriminating tricks
And I won’t stop asking questions
In relation to the nine eleven investigation by NIST
Oh if building seven had just never existed
A sentence you’ll find on every agency official’s wish-list
And I’m more than ever
Sick and tired of hearing lame justifications for your war on terror
They’re full of flaws and errors
You fucking pricks call it what it is
It’s a war of terror
An obscure endeavour in a complex scheme for global governance
But my response is simple: fuck the government

You know I can see you
Soaring up above, you think you can’t be touched
Looking down on us, you’re patronising us
Smiling kind of smug, you think you are on top
Sneaky like a fox

Everyone in favour of CETA and TTIP
Is trying to hide the fact that we all are being cheated
Why else are negotiations held in secret
We’re screwed by every single free-trade agreement
So greetings to everyone who leaked bits and pieces
Basically you’re doing the job of the fucking knobs we elected
While they squat on their knees sucking off the corporate elite’s cocks as expected
So what is the conclusion
Let me quote Nuland
Fuck the European Union and its undemocratic institutions
Leaving all the people disillusioned
Fuck exclusion, we need a universal movement
Tearing down the walls cause in the end we’re all just human
Desperately in need of a world more translucent
A free and self-determined life is the solution
Track Name: MQ-9 Reaper
They’re falling through the clouds
Humming a little tune of indifference
Covering the distance with utter commitment

Falling down to the ground
That humming sound
Falling down

She’s drifting out of reach to sweet dreams
One more kiss on the cheek, go to sleep little princess
Nothing left but a couple of glimpses
Track Name: Change
And then the day came when everything changed
Even if he tried he could’t have explained
Like all he’d seen before was different but the same
Just taking on new forms and becoming rearranged right before him Opening a whole load of ways to explore
He got drawn in, charging straight ahead, not a thought wasted on falling
He was following a calling of undiscovered orbits
Ignoring all the warnings cause that seemed more rewarding
Than going to the trouble of checking every stride and step
Containing any side-effects he might cause by mindlessness
He used to be a wanderer
Who would have thought he’d transform into a conquerer
Spreading out like viruses, taking with decisiveness
Anything and everything, unsettling the elements
He’d become negligent and menacing
Threatening his specimen’s inheritance along
With everything he cherished and he loved
And at the sound of the trumpets and a roll on the drum-kit she watched
The self-appointed king plummet from the summit to the dust
He’d bitten off more than he could stomach cause he never got enough
Tearing through her flesh with malice
While falling from the crest with the rest of his collapsing palace
On a quest to ravage
Until his last breath set him free to rest among the debris and ashes
He left nothing but wreckage and destruction
An unrivalled tyrant, a giant in the science of venoms and of toxins
The source of never ending suffering
He left her blemished and corrupted

But she still stands cause he couldn’t bring her down
No he couldn’t bring her down
And perhaps one day her scars will fade away
And she’ll be free of all bad memories
And she stills stands cause he couldn't bring her down
No he couldn't bring her down with him

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